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Savvy Skater Jacket- Shorty AXL *50% OFF FINAL SALE*
Savvy Skater Jacket- Shorty AXL *50% OFF FINAL SALE*
$75.00 $37.50
Figure Skates Elle Misses DJ2131
Figure Skates Elle Misses DJ2131
$219.95 $194.95
Figure Skates Freestyle Misses DJ2191
Figure Skates Freestyle Misses DJ2191
$269.95 $219.00
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$79.99Ice Fire Jacket Criss Cross Pink/Lime
Ice Fire Jacket Criss Cross Pink/Lime

$79.99Ice Fire Pants Criss Cross Pink/Lime
Ice Fire Pants Criss Cross Pink/Lime
Polartec power stretch ice skating pants with Criss Cross design. Our new criss cross design stripes made with Lime and Neon Pink Shimmer Matrix fa…

$62.00Figure Skates Riedell 13 SF Girls
Figure Skates Riedell 13 SF Girls
Pure delight The 121 RS makes sure your feet are comfortable every time you're on the ice. Designed with all-day comfort in mind, the 121 R…

$58.95Figure Skates SoftSkate GS181 Misses
Figure Skates SoftSkate GS181 Misses
  Now available in Blue, Pink or Purple lining Vinyl outer Fully lined upper and tongue with cushy foam padding f…

$54.99Chloe Noel J36 Spiral Skate Jacket
Chloe Noel J36 Spiral Skate Jacket
Front zipper with jersey faced exterior, heavy weight French Terry knit inside fabric for extra comfort and warmth. Fabric: 87% Polyester…

$279.95 $239.00Figure Skates Freestyle Ladies DJ2190
Figure Skates Freestyle Ladies DJ2190
  Jackson Support Rating: Moderate Support - Level 40 Single Jumps Softer topline with rolled collar area for added comfort …

$59.99 $54.99Chloe Noel P06 Spiral Skate Pants
Chloe Noel P06 Spiral Skate Pants
Spiral Skate Pants 2" Solid Color Waist & 1" Cuff & Spiral Heavy weight French Terry Kint inside & Jersey face…

$119.95Figure Skates Mystique Boys JS1593
Figure Skates Mystique Boys JS1593
  Leather upper polyurethane coated for easy care Softer topline for added comfort Synthetic lining comfortable and durable …

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01.Tights Mondor 3310
02.Tights Mondor 3350
03.Boot Covers
04.Chloe Noel P06 Spiral Skate Pants
05.Magic Gloves
06.Jackson Skate Bag
07.Blinkerz Skate Guards
08.Mondor Knee High Tights
09.Bunga Ankle Sleeve
10.Chloe Noel J36 Spiral Skate Jacket

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At we know that you put in hours of grueling effort into your chosen sport. We know it takes dedication and determination to pull of those graceful moves on the ice. We also know that nothing makes you happier than skating – you’re at your best when you’re gliding across that snow white surface and maneuvering your body with such elegance and style that any onlooker is mesmerized. It’s a feeling like no other on earth and you’re one of the lucky ones who get to experience it almost every day.

At we also know that you deserve only the best equipment. Our figure skates are out of this world and our accessories are equally fantastic. When you purchase a pair of ice skates at our store, you’ll definitely know that you’re walking away with a prized possession. We believe that when it comes to figure skates and equipment only the best quality will do. After all, you can’t perform at your best when your equipment isn’t at the highest level.


When you decide to buy a new pair of figure skates, you need to pay careful attention to your choice. You need to make a clever decision so as not to waste your hard earned money and be sure that the ice skates you choose are appropriate for your body type. The wrong skates can lower your performance and, unfortunately, cause injury. At you’ll find a whole selection of figure skates that are perfect for you.

Be sure to choose figure skates that are designed for your specific genre of figure skating (freestyle, dance, synchronized skating). Each different sport has a slightly different boot or blade, so you need to make the right choice so as not to hamper your skills and performance ability. Also look at the level of support you need – your choice in lightweight or slightly more heavyweight figure skates will depend on the stunts you will be performing as well as your own body type. only carries top quality products so you don’t have to worry about your performance abilities when you slip your feet into your new pair of ice skates. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we want to make sure that your figure skates are comfortable and perfectly suited to your sport.


If you would like to contact us simply fill in the online contact form or call 818-785-2003. A friendly customer services representative will be ready and waiting for your queries.